Established in 1988 by Md. Shahid Ullah, Shahid Engineering is proud to be one of the oldest water well company in Bangladesh. For two generations, our team has been fully committed to providing government organization, non-government organization, Industries, area residents and property owners with the very best in well installation, water filtration, pump repair, and other water delivery and quality services.

We enjoy our work, not only because we believe in our mission of providing access to clean and safe water, but also because we truly enjoy meeting our customers and learning how we can best help them be completely satisfied with their water. Each customer interaction serves to deepen our dedication to our mission, and gives us a finer understanding of our industry and the people it serves. We also enjoy sharing our knowledge with customers to help provide them with the tools to understand how their well works and how it affects their property.

Professional Well Contractors

  • Dedicated—We have low turnover at Shahid Engineering. Many employees have been with us for more than 20 years!
  • Community-focused—Shahid Engineering belongs to the Bangladesh Agricultural Machinery Merchant Association.
  • Educated—Our team makes it a point to keep abreast of all new industry techniques and innovations.

Our Vision

  • To Quench the Thirst of Every Child in South Asia.

Our Mission

  • To bring and provide water solutions to most needy people in South Asia region.
  • To be the best service provider of choice in the markets in which we operate.
  • To understand our customer’s requirements and work with them to exceed their expectations.
  • To invest in our people, the foundation of our success.
  • Always act in a socially and environmentally responsible way.
  • Continue to develop and improve a strong, innovative and economically sustainable business.

Our Strength

  • Providing and utilizing modernized state of the art equipment, with our qualified and custom trained human resource.
  • Huge market share.
  • Long term relationships with established and extended two way commitments.
  • Earned customers and stakeholders trust.
  • Commitment to investing research and development to gain the position as market leader in Bangladesh.