Shahid Engineering is a family-owned water well drilling company that has been helping families and businesses gain access to quality water for more than 30 years. Other well drilling companies may have the technology and tools, but if you want complete satisfaction both during the well installation and for years to come, nothing can top a visit from a Shahid Engineering well drilling contractor. Every member of our team possesses the vital combination of hands-on experience, ongoing technical training, and a true dedication to our company’s mission: to help our neighbors enjoy the quality water they deserve. Call or email today to talk to a professional well drilling contractor from our team!

Professional and Customized Well Drilling Services

Shahid Engineering, we understand that each well installation project presents its own unique conditions and challenges. That is why we design a custom plan for each individual well. This helps us ensure that your well flawlessly suits your needs and your property.

Our team will first determine which well drilling method is best for you by examining the geologic conditions on your property and assessing the height of the water table. Your well drilling contractor will then implement a drilling strategy that is best suited to your property and most affordable for you. No matter how shallow or deep your well needs to be in order to provide you with a steady supply of quality water, our water well drilling professionals will deliver unbeatable workmanship and make minimal alterations to your property. Shahid Engineering has what it takes to install a well water system for just about any residential or commercial property. 

Your One-Stop Source for All Your Well Needs

A full-service well company, Shahid Engineering doesn’t stop at digging, installing, and sealing your well. We perform other duties such as well water pump installation, pump repair, water testing, filtration system installation, and much more. Our team will be able to recommend any additional products or services that will match your well and your needs.